Cambridge Theatre Company

Scenic artist and theatrical drapery artist for 'The Little Mermaid' production

Tatwood Puppets Ltd

Freelance puppet maker. Assisted building large puppet 'Brenda' for educational show 'Mircobodyssey'.

Strange Face Ltd

Freelance Mask Maker

Hospice in the Weald

"Herd of the Hospice?" Campaign Scenic artist & designer. Painted 5 of the 24 horses in the campaign.

Cambridge Theatre Company

Scenic artist and assistant stage manager for 'Goodnight Mr Tom' production.

Prompt Side Ltd

Theatrical Drapery Artist

Spur Creative Ltd.

Freelance Prop Maker

Razzamataz Medway

Group member, making puppets, costumes and headdresses for the production 'Pridelands'.

"What You Sayin?" Maidstone Studios UCA

Group Member, set painting, construction, set up and derig.

Rochester Guildhall Museum

Collection of props made for Siege of Rochester castle Exhibition.


Hi im Esmé a freelance prop maker and scenic artist based in the UK.

During my time at the University for the Creative Arts in Rochester, while earning a first class degree in the Creative Arts for Theatre and Film, I discovered a passion for designing and making props, along with developing skills in costume fabrication, set design and construction.

My skill base includes fine art, sculpture, scenic painting, sewing, prosthetics, concept art and poly/foam carving. I takes great pleasure in expanding my knowledge through both self-driven projects and in industry.

If you are looking for a versatile, fast-learning and hands on approach for your project, please get in touch.